“Office-One” company has been awarded a prize


“Office-One” company, a part of “Bridge Group of Companies”, has been awarded a prize "Ugur-2014" in the nomination of “Industry Leader. Office supplies and promotional products”.

By the summary of 2014, 21 companies and one TOP-manager, playing a vital role in strenghtening and development of national economy, has became the laureates of the National "Ugur-2014" prize. The awarding ceremony has been held in "Rixos Samaxi Palace" on the 24th of april.

The director of "Office-One" Sanan Huseynov, speaking at the ceremony of awarding the winners of the prize, thanked the organizers of the event and spoke about the prospects of development of the promotional industry in the country.

«In 2014 “Office-One” had great achievements. Thanks to the efficient staffing policy and business strategy, underpinning successful activity of the company, the volume of sales has tripled. With the assistance and support of “Bridge Group of Companies, a part of which is “Office-One”, further expansion of the customers’ portfolio has been achieved. Gaining the status of a sole supplier to BP Company, “Office-One” attracted most of the companies forming part of the CRA group to its portfolio.» - said the director.


“Office-One” was established in 2008. The company offers famous trademark products to the state organizations, enterprises and companies in Azerbaijan. In addition to stationary goods, “Office-One” also offers creative solutions and projects for the preparation of presents at any level, as well as development of promo projects.