PGS Construction

PGS Company was formed as a part of Bridge Group of Companies in 2012. The company offers professional facade system, installation of aluminum windows and doors, granite and granite facade coatings. The company PGS has already established itself in the construction market as a reliable and quality manufacturer and supplier. Materials are manufactured and imported from Turkey, Russia, Germany, USA, Belgium, etc.

Glass is a long time in service with the builders, but only recently it has been used not only for windows but also for the facades of buildings. Facade glazing is the most technologically advanced and least expensive way to transform the look of the building in accordance with the architectural features of the city.

Modern architectural ideas during implementation increasingly require the use of materials such as glass, aluminum, which are clearly seen in the many buildings and world-famous buildings. The reason is established fashion in architectural styles. While evaluating a building, people pay attention primarily on its facade. Thus you can be sure that even the most daring design decisions can be fulfilled with facade glazing.