Novus Technologies

«Novus Technologies» company was founded in October, 2012 by the initiative of advanced Network engineers and software specialists of Azerbaijan. At the initial stage of operations, the Company offered only Internet-connection services to the corporate clients. However, already after one year, the company began developing actively in various other areas.

Departments of Soft- and Web-programming and IT support were opened. IP-telephony progressed. Active advance to the market of high-quality service ensured by the best IT-engineers of the country gave excellent results. At present the company has exclusive contracts with such companies, as:

  • Samsung,
  • ABB,
  • Weatherford,
  • Pepsico,
  • AzTexnika,
  • AzRe,
  • Ferrari,
  • Idea,
  • SOCAR,
  • Qatar Airways.

Further development of the block of houses network with the supply of Internet services, telephony and TV via one channel has been achieved. The company also provides various state-of-the-art software products for the corporate sector. Department of web-design also works successfully, developing and maintaining sites for the largest companies of the country at a high level.


+994 012 499 85 00